Good Morning

Oh Gheeez a doodles, Mom said that we would walk this morning, grummmph No walk, and you want to know why??? Well I will tell you RAIN yes that rain oh gheez when are we suppose to walk if it is raining? No worries MOM says we can walk after work, well what if its still Raining, Mom just shrugged her shoulders and gave me a great big DOODLE HUG>

OH well, and it was so muggy out MOM and I were going to try to take a small walk around the block but OHHHHH NO> BoOM Crack BOOOM went the sky ooops NO walk, grummmmph.

But what Mom and I did was to sit on the porch and watch the clouds, OOOoooOOO Mom said she saw a huge HUGE Rainbow yesterday when she was coming home for work oh gheez sure wish I could of seen it but I was at home sitting by the window just waiting for my MOM to pull into that driveway of ours.

Doodles Doodles who Loves a Doodle Doodle Doodle we wall love the silly look of a doodle they are just, just the one of a kind Doodle
Doodle we love Doodles OH man I just had to break out in a song, yes I did because well, I just did thats all.

OOoooOOo as Mom and I were sitting on the porch, don’t worry we were sheltered from the rain, I heard a woof WOOOOF so I woof WOOOFED WOOOFED back, Mom said that was not very nice of me too woof so Loudly but “MOM that little human is teasing me! ” Mom took me inside, I am a friendly doodle oh yes I am, so when someone woofs woofs and me I just like to continue the conversation with her. oh gheez, I wish she would come over to meet me and not be afraid, I know I am big, but I am also so very cuddly too.

Have an awesome Wednesday and my paws are crossed that I can go for a walk tonight !

Love ya Willy BABE

Who was ruffing at me yesterday???

Who was ruffing at me yesterday???


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