Good Morning

Whoosh that Thursday is over and MOM again left me but I totally understand she is back to work, see I was just confused because the geese that normally fly over in the fall time didn’t fly over my house yet . Soooooo MOM still said it was September and time for all the kiddos to go back to work, well doodle heck we even took a back to school picture me and my MOM.

Ahhhhh so yesterday I just rested and rested and looked and looked out the window just a few kids were walking down our street with a few backpacks on there back, they were giggling and smiling, hmmmmm So I guess this school thing they go to is fun. Well, heck I even heard that playground bell a few blocks away ring ring ring.

Mom smiled when she came home, and told me that she had a fun busy day full of new adventures that she will have, hmmmmmmm More fun then me a doodle????

NAH Mom just said these kiddos are just kids. Whooosh that is good I almost thought I was getting replaced MOM of course Laughed at me she Said I could never be replaced, but I can tell you what is really super doodley cool, well, MOM took me for very nice long walk, ahhhhhh the night was cool, my tongue not hanging out thats How I know that fall is almost here.

Let’s give a doodle cheer for Fall, Yipppp Yipppp Doodle Stomp well, okay I guess I can dance. so I will put my doodle paws forward and shake shake shake, wiggle wiggle my back end back end back end okay my Butt its furry and likes to shake shake shake, hahahahha that is the Doodle Rompin Stompin Stomp ! ! !

OOOO I almost forgot because Mom is back with the kiddos she is getting up just a bit early and giving me a short walk, and we all know that when Mom says a short walk it is a long walk, but I think becuause it’s dark in the morning we just go a little way. I like that walk, because I am the first one to sniff snifff snifff those trees.

Happy Happy Friday fluff up your tail and have a great day !

Love ya Willy BABE

I get to wear this shirt tomorrow

I get to wear this shirt tomorrow


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