Good Morning

Oh my what is this???? My MOM was up wayyyy so early and then she asked me if I wanted to go for a walk???? MOM do you realize what time it is I asked Her ???? “Well of course Willy BABE” its early, I just thought I won’t be home all day you might like to go for a short walk>” Hmmmmmmm a short walk for mom is 2.5 miles but this morning it was only 1 mile. And we saw all kind of stars outside it was dark.

Then Mom gets ready for the day and oh my oh my she has something on her wrist EEEKKKKS its the WATCH the WATCH is back hurmmmph ! ! Yes I know what that means, oh doodles, I will be okay don’t worry about me Dad will probably give me an extra treat today because I will be looking sad, heee heee that is just my look to get more TREATS !

Hey guess what the other day when we were walking someone lost there pup, so when Mom came home from Yoga guess what???? The German Shepard was just laying on my PORCH, I kept a keen doodle eye on him because I knew he was lost, Mom pulled up she said Hi to the pup but OH BOY he took off, and ran up our street, I sure hope he found his home, and MOM well, MOM put out some water and a TREAT for him/her. But he never came back. whimmmm whinnnnn

Well, I must say this has been a very exciting week for me Mom also said I have to find my Badger T shirt NOW MOM you know I don’t put my stuff away YOU DO THAT oh Doodles OH Well, I am sure I will find it just give me some time I have until Saturday.

Have an awesome day and to all you pups out there whose humans are going back to work with all the Kiddos It’s okay our Humans will be back just later on in the day .

Love ya Willy BABE

Mom will be back

Mom will be back


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