Good Morning

Oh My Doodles Oh My Doodles it is it is time for the school year MOM oh MOM how I missed you yesterday morning, and I could of used a reminder MOM, in the morning when you got up early and got dressed and doodle whooosh out the door you went, oh sure I got my hug but as I was looking at you with my doodles eyes you said ” Wilson, Babe I have to leave, but I’ll be home later”,

whinnnn whinnnnn MOM ??? MOM???? so I looked at MOM and I looked at MOM but she didn’t budge and say ‘OKAY let’s go together” hmmmmmmm grummmph, I thought this was very strange normally Mom on Monday’s gets her yoga stuff on but, yesterday well, it was entirely different, hmmmmmm Now today oh my Doodles I am so confused, she told me that today she goes in the afternoon, oh gheez a doodle how in the doodle world am I suppose to keep track of this all?????

When MOM came home I was so happy but wait a minute snifff snifff snifff hmmmmmmmmm MOM ????? where were you??? Ahhhhhh I know, you were At work, so after Mom and I did a few things in the afternoon, MOM quickly got her yoga stuff ready, OH gheezzzzzz I just can’t keep track, I sure will be happy again when we get that fall schedule ready. Now today well, this afternoon MOM says , oh my oh my.

As along as we get our walk in today, and My human sister told MOM we should walk a bit in the morning so tomorrow I will nudge mom a little to go walk, hahahha

Hey gotta get moving along I need to spend every minute with my MOM right after I take a nap.

Love ya
Willy BABE

Nap time before I spend all day with MOM

Nap time before I spend all day with MOM


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