Happy Friday

Nothing like relaxing in the SHADE

Nothing like relaxing in the SHADE

Good Morning Good Morning the sun is shining brightly Good Morning Good Morning there is a lot to do!
And what it is I am not so sure, ha ha ha well, of course I know what I’ll do today see I have this nice big couch waiting for me just to lounge in ahhhhhhhhhhh plus I also have this big BIG comfy pillow for me to lay my doodle head on .

So yesterday MOM and I went of a walk, and she even took my picture because it was the Last Thursday morning walk, whinnnnn whinnnnn whinnn but anyway we walked and walked but I kept trying to tell mom that my tongue will start to hang out soon but we walked for at least a 1.5 miles, gheezzz that was great I thought, So afterwards my mom and I went out onto the deck and just relaxed well, wouldn’t you on a beautiful morning ahhhhhh Life is so Doodley good .

At night time MOM and I walked but first we had to make a stop by Bell ahhhh BELL BELLL I haven’t seen her in a while Bell stuck her head out the door to say HI HI HI Wilson !!m After a bit when my MOM was finally done talking we started our walk, hmmmmm this looks good so, Mom turned around and we started back home, I thought that was a fast walk, so I was a little confused by not going any further but have no fear MOM continued our walk, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mom MOM MOM we kept walking and walking then all of a sudden we saw a CAT climb up onto a hill by the church, we carefully walked by the cat snuck up on it actually.

All of a sudden it came up on top of the hill hissed at ME yes can you believe that???? Plus it arched it’s back OOOPPPS MOM said “Let’s GO” but I kept looking back at that CAT, I wagged my Tail and said to “the CAT don’t worry I would not hurt you I am


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