Good Morning

It was bound to happen MOM finally told me that whinnnnn whinnnn she is headed back to work next week, whinnnn whinnnnnnnn.

So then next few days we have to have a LOT of fun, so far so good, but yesterday MOM was doing a whole bunch of things and I could not go humrprh , well I think its time for all stores to allow us pets to come inside the stores, okay maybe not birds now that would be just darn old doodle silly, But what the doodles I can behave as long as I don’t sniff sniiiifff food !

Mom and I took a very nice morning walk yesterday at first I wasn’t sure if we were going to go because she first went to YOGA oh yes she did!! ! I looked at her calendar oh yes I look everyday just to see what we have planned and you know what she doesn’t put down that we are going to go for a walk or to my favorite store hrummmph, so I was so surprised that we went for sucha nice walk, the sun was not out so I didn’t have to wear my sun glasses, yep I have purple sunglasses MOM got them for me and Maisy for the beach last Saturday, well of course I wear them.

We went an entirely different way in the morning which confused me a whole doodle bunch. Today MOM said we just might go on the trail which would be awesome only because we haven’t been on the trail in a bit.

OOOOooOOO the other day after our evening walk and it was a bit humid I ran into my buddy Maisy May ahhhh I love seeing that little girl do you know I can spot her a mile away well okay not a mile but at least 10 feet so I start to get all excited my butt wiggles and my tail wags I look at mom and AWAY I trot over to her. But the other cool doodle thing was Mom gave me a frosty paw ice cream well, I was trying to cool down and MOM thought mmmmmmm Ice Cream and of course I perked up my head so I got up and went to MOM and Waaaaa LA had my ice cream.

Today is Thursday and a week from today Mom will be back with the kiddos, ummmmmmm I have some planning to do for the next few days so I will just think think think of the fun ahead for me and my MOM>

Have a wonderful Doodleful Day
Love ya Willy BABE

I think Dad, Mom and I should take a trip to Wilson's Ice Cream Shop

I think Dad, Mom and I should take a trip to Wilson’s Ice Cream Shop


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