Happy Happy Tuesday

Oh my doodles can you believe it that Today is Tuesday and I have been able to walk and walk so many miles the last few days because that warm Muggy weather that curls my tail and makes me feel like a lazy doodle that just wants to saunter along singing a song on my walk, but yesterday and last night well, My doodle steps were flying up the street MOM was right with me! Hmmmm
I did try to go fast just so that I could sniff those trees well, its been a while because of the humid air.


Mom had these guys come over yesterday to clean our carpet hmmmmm they had this big huge HUGE cleaning thing and I was watching and watching it came close to where I was standing I had to JUMP back and look hmmmmm Not so sure I like this idea plus I even tried to lay down where I always lay down on the carpet but MOM told me NO can you believe that, I suppose she thought I was getting in the way Hummmrph so I had to lay on the floor in the kitchen gheeezzzzz not fair I say.

Mom made up for me not being able to lay on the floor yes she did we played in the backyard for a bit but then oh well I said MOM we should watch these guys, haha

They were done pretty fast but the floor was damp, grummmph grummmph Gheez when I looked at MOM can I lay back down again????? Then she brings out this fan and well, that helped a bit, but MOM and I just hung out, outside on the deck.

OOOoo well, now today I am getting groomed just a BIT THE hair around my eyes needs a touch up and my nails oh doodles I will be busy today.

Have a wonderful day
whinnnn whinnnn Mom’s summer days are dwindling down I sure hope I can make her smile by taking her for Ice Cream today

Love ya Willy Babe

How about another Car Ride today

How about another Car Ride today


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