Good Happy Monday

Oh My Doodles I sure hope everyone had a happy rainy day on Saturday oh my I sure did because I had my cousin come stay with me on Saturday and Human sister Karen came home, It was so super cool.
Luckily the rain stopped when Karen pulled up on my driveway and all of a sudden I was waggin my tail and wiggling my doodle butt, hee heee heee, it was fun Mom let Maisy into the backyard I just didn’t know what to do I knew I wanted to chase Maisy all around the yard but …… Karen was home ooooOOoooo I stayed to give Karen a hug.

Then I ran out to see Maisy came running back in to see Karen I was such a busy busy doodle doodle , then the RAIN oh my OH MY Maisy wanted to go back outside but MOM said NO NO NO
It was pouring pouring pouring rain pouring pouring rain rain rain from the clouds, then, MOM said we sure are going to go too the beach there was a Doggie Dip Day so we went and had lots and lots of fun . Oh sure it poured a lot but what the heck, all kinds of pups were there and to top it off Mom would throw my favorite ball I would go and get it.

Mom and Karen threw the ball for Maisy but they tried to sneak it past me HAHAHA can’t hide from me I saw what they were doing so i went into the water, Maisy didn’t mind but you know what??? Maisy helped me find that ball, well, I need a trim by my eyes the hair is getting long, so it was hard for me to see, then also the sand was nice and Mucky well, I rolled and rolled in the sand ahhhhhh ,

Now the fun part was a swim suite competition and I took the gold Mom will try to post the picture later on today Maisy took the bronze ahhh My human sister did the right thing a pug had a life guard vest on well…… the judge looked at Karen and she said” Ahhh the pug is in a cute outfit” 3 Woofs for Karen woof wooof woof for doing the right thing.

Mom took us to get a bath oh my did the sand come off of me whooosh Im so glad for that bath I feel so refreshed after the lake water.

Yesterday I just rested all day long I was a pooped out doodle, but the best part was Mom and I were able to take a nice 3 mile walk last night ahhhhhhh i really walked fast too

But today I have to go to the vet my allergies are bothering me shucks I just wanted to lay around oh doodles its okay Mom is going to take me for a walk in a few minutes.

So have a wonderful doodley day

Love ya Willy BABE

I love being with my cousin Maisy

I love being with my cousin Maisy


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