Happy Happy Friday

Good Morning Good MOrning , MOm told me that my Human Sister Karen is coming home this weekend and she is bringing my favorite four legged Cousin Maisy with her yipppeee doodle doodle doodle, I am so excited that I think I will just lay around this morning, hummmmmph well who would not just want to be a lazy doodle this morning it is gloomy outside but MOM for some reason isn’t that gloomy about the rain, she said her flowers need them,

Hmmm I don’t have a problem with the flowers I still go over and smell them oooppps I also am not suppoose to do that too !

Its’ raining raining It’s raining outside so I think i will not be walking this morning NO NO NO Mom is dressed and all set for her yoga, and right when she gets home we TAKE A little bit of a doodle walk, sometimes its short like a mile but other days oh doodles we go far! !

Sooo I just have one little doodle complaint, and I don’t complain that much but my little pal Julia is not back yet from her vacation MOM said she should be back today, well MOM teased me I guess she thought she saw Julia yesterday afternoon but it wasn’t her it just wasn’t grummmph oh doodles MOM, so what did mom do well, she gave me a frosty paw ice cream and we went to my favorite store, plus I got my Puppy Latte.

See I was a good doodle yesterday MOM had the AC/ guy here to make sure we are good for the rest of the summer and stuff like that well, I was such a patient doodle that I waited and waited for the guy to leave and finally whosssh he left so I gave MOM my ever so dashing doodle smile and away we went ! ! ! Yep I so much enjoy my car rides espcially when we shop for ME!
As we were checking out a very nice lady asked all about me, she thought her son would like a doodle and Of course MOM said Yes he would I gave my mom another quick smile, oh ghee mom my doodle brain is swelling with delight , hmmmmmmmm if i keep on smiling I know we will go to starbucks, and WE DID GO TO MY PLACE>

Then to top off the evening Karen and MOM were talking with Hangouts on the phone so I saw my little cousin Maisy who was wearing the cutest outfit then I heard Mom say she was going to get me some swimming suit because tomorrow we are going to go swimming OH Doodles I am sure Mom will pick out something very fun.

Have a wonderful Friday

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Friday

Happy Friday


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