Good Morning Good Morning

It is a Wednesday Morning Good Morning Good Morning Im doing pretty well, today !

But last night MOM thought I wanted to go for a walk, hmmmmm MOM it’s humid and muggy out my fur will just curl curl curly, so what we did first was to go over to Maisy’s house to say Happy Birthday to Mrs. O and see how she was, hmmmmmm Those humans like to talk which was doodley fine with me, Because I was able to see Maisy girl, and Mr. O he is so funny he actually thought I would not be able to reach those meat bones that were on this table they had OH OH OH He makes me wag my tail in laughter, MOM on the other hand thought I wanted to play Chess, because I was knocking over these Chess Pieces, oh Doodlesd,

I had fun and Maisy girl I was so happy to see her, so when MOM was done talking we went for a short walk I was like seriously MOM it is muggy out we just went around the block my tongue was hanging by the time we came home oh doodles, I sure hope cool weather will be coming soon, but not TOO soon.

As we came homes we went out onto the deck , then Mrs. F called over to MOM so I galloped over to the fence tocheck on my other Girlfriend Julia, I even stuck my head through the fence hole, but NO Julia Whinnnnn Whinnnnn where is she Mrs. F. “Wilson, she is in MN visiting her human sister” hummmmphgh Sooooooo Julia gets to go on vacation and I don’t???? “MOM”””””” what is up with that, “Sorry, Wilson”.

Gheezzz a dooodle maybe someday I’ll get to go on a vacation, but until then I will just doodle around all day long waggin waggin my tail.

I think MOM and I will go for a short walk this morning just to see if anyone is out so early in the Morning because at night time no one is around OOOOooOOOo MOM and I did go for a car ride yesterday so that was fun I love it when the windows are down and I can stick out my doodle nose to sniff sniffff the air.

Have a wonderful doodle day

Love ya Willy BABE

How about another Car Ride today

How about another Car Ride today


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