Happy Monday

Yes YEAH Im back well I never went anywhere NO NO NO But my MOM did she took a nice vacation with family oh my DOODLES and what WHAT I had to stay home, OH sure I had fun but what the doodles is that all about?????

So when I saw my mom on FRIDAY oh my I wagged my tail and played went in circles and was so happy oh yes Of course I went to my DAD and wagged my tail at him to so I quickly grabbed my squeeky ball and gave it to DAD ahahahah .

While MOM was gone I got my walks in the morning I had fun. Now I am so happy that my MOM is home that I just can’t hide my wagginess, So I thought for sure all day Saturday we would spend time together oh we did MOM took me for a walk but not a long walk because my tongue was hanging out and you know what that MEANS?? yep My walks are cut a little bit short, but I was with MY mOM so I was a happy dood So on Saturday night MOM and DAd went to a wedding hmmmmmm and again NO DOODLES allowed well my goodness doodle sakes what is that all about????

But on Sunday MOM and I took care of watering flowers pulling weeds from the garden we had fun then we walked at night time and sat out on the deck after our walk until UNTIL those nasty mosquitos start to come out and bug us YES they start to bug us ALOT ! ! ! !

So today is Monday and MOM says its a YOGA day well, okay mom I know you didn’t yoga last week, but can we have a walk when you come home???? OH COURSE WILSON of Course, yes YES ! ! ! !

Mom also says that she only has two more weeks left before oh my doodles I don’t want to say that word so I won’t but it has to do with KIDS

Have a great Monday Monday MONDAY

Love ya willy babe

Can we have lots of fun today??

Can we have lots of fun today??


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