Good Morning

I know I know you all have been wondering and wondering where oh where have I been oh where oh where can I be???? Well, I have been right here, but MOM went to a few classes for next year kiddos so I was put on the back burner can you believe that??? OH MY OH MY what can I say MOM was home in the afternoon and we did things but not our long LONNNNNNGGG walks, it’s getting way to humid out and hot so we have too wait until the afternoon, OH DOODLES thats okay.

We went to Zesty’s one day for ICE CREAM MOM thought this was sooo funny why hmmmmm Not so sure, well, maybe a little sure, we were driving and driving then all of a sudden we passed my ICE CREAM PLACE MOM just laughed I was sitting so very nicely but…… all of a sudden I just looked and LOOKED MOM MOM ZESTY”S we gotta go can we can we???/

Yes Wilson as soon as we get some gas in the car ahhhh gheeezzzzz but MOM hurried up we drove right over to Zesty’s got out of my car and waaaaLA ICE CREAM and the girl by the drive through window came over to say HI to me! ! ! ! ! ! OH man sometimes I just feel like a celebrity.

Yesterday we took another car ride I just like to do things with MY MOM and DAD, last night we got some very sad news I had this one doodle friend that I would see every day walking down my street waggin her tail so I would woof woooof woof she would look at me and SMILE some more MOM would take me outside so I could say HI to LILLY< well, we haven't seen her in a awhile but, we saw her human yesterday on our walk, snifff snifff Lilly got cancer and her humans had to put her down, so very sad, So Lilly's mom was very happy to see me and she gave me a great big hug , really she came out of her car and everything !! Lilly was 9 years old snifff snifff so I was sad.

Now this morning MOM was up very early hmmmmm something is up so I snuck upstairs and she is packing MOM??? MOM???? do I get to go too??? No, Wilson sorry buddy they don't allow Doodles on Airplanes, Gruuummmmph ! ! Well, that is just not fair I say so I stomped and stopmed by paws on the ground MOM gave me a hug and Said she loved me ahhhhhhh thanks MOM , but I would still like to go on vacation with you, hmmmmmmm oh well , I 'll have fun

So my friends I'll have to tell you all about my adventures of Doodle land later on

Have a wonderful day

Love ya Willy BABE I love laying in the grass


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