Oh My Doodles where oh where is the time going by oh where oh where can it fly??

Mom says that she wants it to slow down why oh why does she??

She says she’ll tell me later on so I guess I’ll just have to wait.

Ahhhh today we are going to the park later, only if the sun comes out, So please Mr. Sunshine come on out today, come out today come on out today so we can PLAY PLAY,
Can you believe that my song will make Mr. sunshine come on out !
Yesterday we did we Went for two walks one, right after MOM came back from Yoga and the other after dinner time, plus the one after dinner time, We well actually me Mr. Wilson saw Julia mom was wondering why I was walking so fast, because earlier I was dragging just a bit then WAAAAAALA JULIA MOM I KNOW its her MOM MOM we have to hurry so I switched to DOODLE FAst Walk,

Whoooosh away we went then Julia’s human turned saw us then all of a sudden with a very slllloooooowwwwwww turn of her head Julia looked smiled and wagged her tail, Ahhhhhhhhh my little girlfriend, we greeted and walked together and I walked her home ahhhhhhh and we said our good byes , See ya by the fence Julia .

What a nice evening walk MOM and I had the perfect evening for a nice walk, ahhhhh oh yes I forgot we didn’t do too much in the afternoon like I THOUGHT we would it was raining, ugh MOM says we need at least one rainy day in the summer time, OK MOM if you say so.

This morning is sort of gloomy out but since I just asked for Mr. Sunshine to shine I think I better do a doodle dance.

Put your two feet forward and shake and shake and shake Put your two paws together and stomp stomp stomp shake shake shake your head left and right left and right Shake SHake SHAKE that is the doodle rompin stompin dance ! !

have a wonderful Friday and Feel that fluffiness in the air

Love ya Willy BABE

Friday is here I just need a little back scratch

Friday is here I just need a little back scratch


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