Good Morning

Well, MOM did tell me yesterday that we were getting new carpet but oh my DOODLES I didn’t realize that they would be here like a Doodle FOREVER !!!

So yesterday I knew something was up because we didn’t walk in the morning and also two van popped onto our driveway so I wooof WOOOF WOOOF just so MOM knew they were here little did my doodle tail no MOM was right at the window with me OOOOPPPPS I should of known.

But anyway not so sure that they liked me but anyway I stayed out of there way MOM said I had to, grummmpm, so they worked and worked I just rested on the floor by MOM and I had the best doodle dream ever I even was talking in my sleep MOM said well, of course the night before I didn’t really sleep because I was not in my “SPOT” downstairs and I like it downstairs because I can listen to the bunnies come by yes then I can WOOOF RUF WOOOF RUUUFFFFF.
Finally they left oh my I wonder hmmmmmmmmm well, I went by one of the guys that was working in my afternoon SLEEP area he petted me well I just thought if I went over to MY SLEEP area they would get done faster nope they did not OH well, I tried,

So when they left at 4:15 MOM and I went to my favorite store I didn’t even have to ask her I could tell she was even getting like she needed to go somewhere well, of course we always do something everyday so I knew MOM had a big smile on her face and AWAYYYYYYY we went to my store, ahhhhhhhh, there were all kinds of pups in my store I got a treat ahhhhh life is so good.

And the best part of the day was that MOM and I went for a long night time walk YYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we did it was fantastic for this doodle guy, my tongue temperature came out just about half way through our walk mom knew it was time to head back home, ahhhhhhhh Love those long walks,

So today MOM is headed to yoga then when she comes home awayyyyy we go off to the DOODLE walk Awwwayyyty we go to sniff sniff all kinds of Trees Awayyyy we go just to have fun and enjoy the beautiful day as long as it doesn’t rain.

so have a wonderful Thursday

Love ya Willy BABE

Life is GOOD

Life is GOOD


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