Good Morning

Helloooooo Wednesday will it be a whacky Wednesday or will it just be a wonderful Wednesday ????

That will be the question of my wonderful doodle world.

Yesterday was a very strange kinda day MOM went out to lunch and she didn’t get back until well wayyyy past the time she said she would return grummmph , then OF ALL THINGS she got a call ad went over to MRS. C’s house to swim, gheezzzzz a doodle what the doodles is going on because when she came back hmmmmmm sniff sniff sniff MOM????/ were you with BELL????? oh my and you didn’t take me???? oh oh oh

But have no fear MOM did spend some doodle time with me in the morning and in the evening oh yes it was warm but we wait until late to take a short walk, oh wonderful Wednesday just had to say that MOM has been taking me for short walks too,

Last night was very strange MOM and DAD didn’t tell me they were getting new carpet in the hallway oh sure I knew something was up when dad was hammering away and pulling carpet out of the hallway but HOW COME I WASN”T informed ???????

So when all was done hummmmpgh I went up stairs and looked and looked what is going on??? I went into Karen’s room and scrunged up a rug so I could sleep upstairs, Mom said “Wilson, buddy are you okay” “Well MOM you should of told me you were doing all of this!” So last night I slept in Jack’s room and Karen’s room, Dad helped me down just bit on the steps and then as soon as I knew I could get down those stairs Hummmmmm I can do this my self, Oh Yes Dad helped me a bit then Waaaa LA I got down all by myself.

Mom said it might be a bit loud this morning with two guys putting in the carpet oh well, I can handle anything I am DOODLE I Look Like a LION hear ME WOOF WOOOF WOOOF<

Whacky Wednesday is here OOOO LA LA

Love ya Willy BABEHave a wonderful day


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