Happy Friday

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can you believe it its FRIDAY ahhhhhh How I love my Fridays adventures, laziness all rolled into one day all day long Friday who can ask for more???

Sometimes Friday’s just sneak up on us like WOWOW Doodles IT”S Friday what’s the plan for today, well, I must say that my Friday’s hmmmmm today is FRIDAY oh wait OH WAIT Friday , hmmmmmmm I think it just might be yes A Puppy Latte day again ! Mom and I have been doing that alot lately I think because I enjoy it so much and I make those Starbuck people smile when MOM hands me that latte’ sure I think I should be sitting in the drivers seat but MOM says I’m only 8 years old I have to be 15 before I can start Drivers ED gheeezz it looks so simple to drive a car you, get in put on the music roll down the windows and AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAYYYYYYYYYY we go ! ! !

Yesterday we drove around a bit and went to my favorite store just for something to do it’s so muggy outside MOM doesn’t want me outside for too long my fur would get soo curly that MOM would have a hard time detangling . Thats okay because last night just like the night before MOM and I walked up the street and down the street I am positive that I could of made it around the block, MOM promised that we would try walking after she gets back from YOGA.

Also yesterday MOM went out to lunch with some friends but heck she never EVER takes me out to lunch, how wonderful it would be, if MOM did that with ME!
I could sit so handsomely ! that all would come to see ME!! Life is good, come along and take the ride to wherever we may go on this Friday night.

HA HAH see the sun just makes me want to be the first Doodle poet there can be, I just keep myself in stitches I think today is a Doodle Dancing Day, ooooOOooo before I go I must say that MOM has gone to the store and has brought some FROSTY PAW ICE CREAM YES YES YES Ice Cream Ice Cream that delicious treat makes one just tweet tweet tweet

Have a Fantastic Friday
Love YA Willy BABE




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