Good Morning


Well yesterday was just a strange kinda day MOM went to her Yoga and she always ALWAYS takes me for a walk right after but not yesterday nope not at ALL it was wayy to muggy and hot outside well, I am sure I would of been fine because we always have my tongue as a temperature alert, Well, of course we use my tongue if its hanging out a little then its’ still okay outside but, MOM always also looks at the color of the tongue. HEE HEE HEEE.
Mom also had to do some shopping which I can not got into some of the stores with her Gheeezzzzzz I know I know It just isn’t Doodley fair is it now???

But MOM said today we can go somewhere I know Where I know Where and Im not going to tell NA NA NA BOO BOO ha ha ah its just that kinda morning , So anyway MOM got some new walking shoes which OH Boy am I happy oh yes her other shoes I loved the color orange but, somehow she got a hole in the front of the shoe and well lets just say I sort of was embarrassed yes I was Here I am the most well, I try to be a fashionable Doodle I must be, because everyone we meet when we are walking on up the street says Im handsome , Well anyway Mom got new shoes so we need to try them out !

In the afternoon yesterday we just didn’t know what to do, so MOM started to read her book hmmmmmm something is wrong with this picture MOM was able to do things in the morning but I was stuck inside of the house Well, I will fix that right away I gave mom the PAW The PAW always works so she whisked me away to the bank where I got a treat Hmmmmmm YES then we went to Starbucks for my puppy Latte ummmmm Jack I will need an update on my card Just saying

Then MOM took me very late last night up the street and we stopped in to say hi to BELL oh my doodles she was very happy to see me PLUS I forgot Bell has a CAT ohhhhhh man never saw a cat up close hmmmmmmmm Mrs. C closed a door where the cat was so I didn’t get to sniff sniff shuck a doodle.

OOOOOo this morning we went outside to have a our coffee and I got to sniff snuiff but mom didn’t stay out too long , So now even today no walk its pretty muggy out and then its suppose to be warm soooooo I think maybe its a favorite store kinda day OH YES

Have a wonderful doodley day

Love ya Willy BABE

How about going swimming today ???

How about going swimming today ???


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