OH My Oh My what a wonderful day Oh my OH my it is another sunshine filled day,
Plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine on this Tuesday,
We can run and play run and play run and play we can run and play today
instead of pulling weeds MOM

HAHAHAH Mom and I went to the dog park yesterday which we haven’t been too in a very long doodle time well, we just have been busy doing other doodle things, so yesterday it was a bit hot outside and MOM knew my Tongue temperature would be out so we went to the Park and Ran an ran played a little hide and seek not too much because WELLL MOM had to make sure also that I didn’t go down those muddy paths, HUmmmmph Yes she just didn’t want me to get muddy Seriously can you believe that she likes me CLEAN

Grummmph when I see mom looking at other doodle pictures of my buddies getting muddy how cool is that but NOOOoooOOO MOM likes me clean she says gruuummmph !

I just loved gallopping down some paths I even tricked MOM by going one way when she went the other ahhahaha LOVE teasing my MOM ! I think MOM said we just might go for a tiny bit of walk this morning before it gets very hot out she said the next few days it can be very very warm, Well I have a suggestions for that it’s called ZESTYS Starbucks Petstore all my favorite places.

Do you know on sunday when we stopped for an ice cream this guy was very surprised that I knew what to do while we waited for our order to be taken silly man well OF COURSE I know what to do !

I am a doodles we know oh we sure do know when we are getting something ymmmyyyyy I sat nicely and smiled ahhhhh that smile always works.

So have a doodley waggin good day

Love ya Willy BABE

Lets have fun

Lets have fun


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