Happy Monday

Awwww Man it’s Monday already but have no fear Saturday is almost here HAHAHAH

Oh Doodles it’s always Saturday When Mom is Here
Not so sure why but, but everyday we go somewhere

Well I just had so much fun this weekend and you know what?? Even though mom went to Yoga on Friday it was so nice out that after she got back we still went for our walk and we did our DePere walk all the way to the park, oh sure it was far, but what the heck, walking with MOM is always an adventure, but so sad to say that huge White PUP that always ruffs ruffs at me he wasn’t outside thats okay, he is fun we like to make him run.

Then on Saturday well, Saturday MOM went to a Shower yes I just don’t know about that one, but before the shower a friend of my Human sister Karen’s came over with her little one, oh doodles mom and dad were both smiling as this little guy was walking all over the place and his name is MAson MOM was playing with him and so was dad ME well I know MIMI so I gave her kisses and gave her my paw and just wanted to be petted and hugged.

Also on Saturday night MIMI and Mason came over again oh Doodles my tail just never stopped waggin this time we were outside, we played and played the little one Mason he likes puppies and he even knows how to make puppy noises so cute lalalalal then Mason toook my soccer ball I watched and he threw right by me then he laughed and laughed cute little human, I like this little one, so I laid on my back for a belly rub. Mason came over and rubbed my belly and petted me cute cute cute and seeing that I was such a good Doodle MOM gave me a few extra treaTS, yEP Mason even crawled over me yes MOM was right by my side, just making sure I was on good Doodle Behavior which of course I always am, but if someone has a hot dog in on there plate WATCH OUT !!!

Yes I had a wonderful doodly fun time on Saturday yesterday MOM and I lazied around a bit, then went to the soccer park, and saw DAD hahahha Dad said here come some kids YES YES YES MOre pets and hugs from little ones, MOM said to me “Wilson you are being so gooD” Well, I knew what that meant ZESTYS OH yes !!!
One little one was blowing raspberries at me I just smiled I new Zesty’s was in my future.

This morning well, I have to wait until MOM comes home from Yoga but I am sure we will go to the park today again, those little ones are everywhere and MOM just love to smile at me when we play with the little ones.

OOOO Doodles have a great day and remember just to open up your arms and let the sunshine in !

Love ya Willy BABE

who wants to rub my belly?

who wants to rub my belly?


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