Friday Friday what a wonderful day Friday is !

It’s a fluffy tail kinda day because the skies are dark and grey so we need some fluffiness to start our day
What kinda day will we have not so sure what to say
Friday’s can be full of fun or they can be just staying in the sun
I can run run run in the sun
Can you come over and we will have some fun !

So yesterday MOM and I took TWO YES TWO walks one in the morning and the other in the evening Yes the morning one was so much fun I just love my summer morning patterns never know which way MOM is going to take me. Well, On this route we went past that HUGE HUGE white dog that always barks at me and he even jumps over a small white fence hmmmmmm I betcha I could of jumped over the Fence in Bob’s backyard but oh, well……. so anyway we are walkin on down a street all of a sudden a little boy shouts to MOM and ME “Look at my brand new bike” MOM just smiled I wagged my tail then this little one comes running Doggie DOGGIE MOM stopped of course and she petted me ahhhhh it was a fantastic Thursday .

No seeing Cinnamon though hummmph

Last night was fun walking to very breezy and we went another way again ! ! MOM really likes to change things up so as we were sitting in the backyard MOM says LET”S go in , well she just doesn’t like the mosquitos but I laid there mom Laughed Willy babe don’t u want to come in???? NOPE MOM I need a belly rub first so I just rolled over and MOM rubbed rubbed my Belly ahhhh nothing like a good belly rub on Thursday night.
Plus I was watching for those Pokemon guys I just don’t know what the big deal is YEAH some kids were walking and looking for him so I thought Hmmmmm I better watch my backyard real closely for those guys whoever they are /

Mom and I were talking we think I should make a AP “FIND THE DOODLE” and he would show up and give you a HUG Hmmmmmm I think its a good idea.

But this morning ahhhhhh gloomy outside so I just didn’t feel like moving MOM even tried to get me moving nah

I just waited until I heard my food pour in my bowl.

Such a busy night yesterday sure hope today we are busy again I bet we will be

Hey Have a wonderful Tail Waggin kind of day

Love ya Willy BABE

What's a Pokemon???

What’s a Pokemon???


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