Good Goood morning

I just can’t believe it I really can’t oh my oh MY I woke up this morning and MOM said oh my get ready for this She said oh MY that It is nice outside this morning and we can go walking on down the street well, you all know what I am hopeful for I am hopeful I can see Cinnamon again OH DOODLES that would be so Super Cool for this Thursday MORNING<

Oh sure I know it might not be possible but I can Hope right???

So yesterday it was soooo very muggy that MOM didn't take me for a walk, oh but BUT we did go to my favorite store and we got some vegetables from a farm stand and PLUS we even Stopped for a Puppy Latte, what a great summer this is ISN"T oh MY OH MY and today well, Today is only Thursday

Also it is My MOM"s humans sister's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT NANCY I will wag my tail for you plus I can even do my doodle DOODLE dance while singing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONE

So Stomp Stomp my two front fee my two front Feet then Shake Shake Shake my Butt Butt shake shake shake ahhhhh Stomp and Shake and let it go oh doodles what a silly boy I am this morning well when it is cooler out I just feel a bit more doodle frisky ahahahah

But yesterday MOm and I did go to a soccer park, Dad was reffing we didn't stay too long my tongue meter was saying time to leave time to leave, but not until some Lady came by asked if I was a DOODLE< well, Of course I am I wagged my tail and went closer so I could have my ears petted ahhhhhh She knew she knew mom just smiled, and it turns out her DOODLE"s name is Kramer ahhh I think MOM and I met another pup named Kramer once oh doodles those Noodles in my brain are very squiggly today.

Mom is going shopping today for a dress oh my I think I'll just stay at home today OOOOOO I almost forgot MOM also went to the store and got me

a FROSTY PAW ICE CREAM yummmmmmmy Yummmmmy for this guys' doodle tummmy

Have a wonderful Thursday

Love ya Willy BABE Just wanted to show off my Fluffy Tail


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