Happy Wednesday

What will I do on this Humid Wednesday well, of Wonders what shall I do????
hmmmmm I will do what is best for me ! HA HA HA only kidding, I shall wag my tail when I see that bunny rabbit because I know MOM will come to the deck door and let me out so I can pretend to chase that bunny. What else shall I do????? Hmmmmmmm Mom said something about Zesty’s yesterday we did our puppy latte oh yes it was late in the day but anytime is a puppy latte time.

So its humid out I get that and I can’t for our long lonnnnnng wonderful tail waggin walks, but yesterday …… oh my Doodles I was so tail waggin MOM and I were walking down the street and it looked like just A Regular night of walking andwalking sniff sniff then I turned my head oh MY OH MY who do I see hmmmmmmm I just don’t know this one!

Mom was like Wilson let’s go its’ alright well, MOM I haven’t met this pup oh and I tell you she was a very pretty Golden ohmy OH MY She was walking so prettily I just knew I had to meet her. So I Kept turning and turning to look andLook then MOM said can Wilson meet your pup, well MOM took me over and we snifff snifff HI I’m wilson Hi My name is Cinnamon oh my doodles I am in LOVE>

Well of course MOM reminded me that I already have 5 other ‘GIRLS” well, MOM I guy can never have enough “GIRLS” WILSON WILSON WILSON

So we continued our walk oh sure I will probably never see cinnamon again but what the doodles it sure was nice meeting ahhhhhhh

Mom also promised me she would not tell the “OTHERS” but I had to get it off my furry tail so there OH MY that feels better.

So today MOM is going to do errands without me in a few minutes then her and I will go shopping tooo !!

Have another Tail Waggin dAY

Love ya Wilson

Who can play today

Who can play today


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