Good Morning

so this morning I woke up to CABOOOB Crack whosssh what the doodles luckily DAD was up first this morning WEll, it is Monday and Mom was sleeping in can you believe that with all of the rain this morning and the thunder booms and loud we are talking very louds Cracks of thunder oh doodles, Dad says its okay just a little rain, well, okay then I’ll just lay on the floor.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh then all of a sudden MOM MOM walks on down the stairs oh doodles it’s pretty early for MOM must of been that storm that was rolling through so Mom looked out the window and said “Willy Babe” No sitting outside this morning to enjoy our breakfast Gruummmmmph I said See we like to go outside all the time just so I can watch my backyard to make sure NO NO bunnies are there so oh doodles No Outside, but of course I have to go outside gheeeezzzzz, but mom always wait until the rain stops something about me getting soaking wet.

So I just smile and do my thing

Yesterday was Sunday and you know we didn’t too much oh sure I wanted to like I don’t have any of my bones so MOM said we would go shopping but did we NOOOoooOOO we didn’t so as mom was reading her book I kept nudging her and nudging her MOM MOM we really should go for a walk, I just felt in my fluffy tail that MOM needed a walk, so I kept on looking at her with my DOODLE EYES come on she can always finish her book, but I just felt that we were going to get rain, so MOM closed her book and away we went, well of course we had fun MOM was walking with me that is always fun.

The other day we met some lady who had to small puppies they were 4 months old they were French English Mastffs the lady said they were pretty cute of course not as cute as me as a puppy but, they were okay there names Olivia and Olive now that will be confusing I just wagged my tail.

There human said I was good for being 8 years old and letting these guys sniff me and look at me WEll, I am a Doodle and I know I know that the Little ones Look up to me but these guys will be HUGE>

Today is Monday mom said we will do some shopping today OH YES ! ! ! I bet we go to my two favorite places ahhhhh Of course for my Puppy Latte’ and My favorite other place NO NO NOT Zestys mom alread y brought me some Frosty Paws Ice Cream hahaha OH sure we will go to Zestys but not today.

Plus I think mom has figured out what she was doing wrong in getting her camera pictures not up loaded hahahah this is a good one She Didn’t listen to DAD, something about a password oh Doodles MOM you gotta listen too @@

Well have a wonderful Monday ! !

Love ya Willy BABE

Going Shopping

Going Shopping


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