Do you know that everyday when you are on Summer time is a FRIDAY oh yes so what do I do everyday well there is so much to do and sometimes no time at all to do it in !

HA ahhhh only kiddin MOM and I are still trying to figure out how to upload all of those pictures gheezzz a doodle sure wish MOM would figure it out fast !! I can only have so much doodle patience you know. Sort of like those baby squirrels that are in my backyard oh YES Rocky’s little friends just think they can do what they want in my backyard they crawl up the tree and run along on top of the fence oh its’ funny. NOT for this doodle I try and try to catch one of them just for MOM’s eyes

Yep I can stand on the deck and just watch and watch with my doodle eyes I like to watch what is going on My doodle eyes can see almost everything I want them to see Doodle Eyes are pretty cool don’t you know.

So as I am watching them I think hmmmm they are so brave, they walk right up to my deck well I only notice because I’m in the house oh yes MOM was watching them I came over and MOM would not let me out of the house can u believe it. whinnnn whinnnn I’d say to MOM she just smiled and shook her head grummmmph !

Yesterday oh Yes I almost forgot MOM and I took a early morning walk and we went walking on walking walking it was awesome we even tried a slightly different route, until my tongue started to hang out, yep it is tongue out weather again. Last night I was worried MOM and I went walking and we always have a routine after our walk we go in the backyard and just relax, but last night MOM started to talk with DAD hmmmmmm MOM MOM come on lets go outside well we did after they were done talking gheezzz if there is going to be a change in our routine I think Mom needs to tell me, don’t you think so too ???

Well, Friday ahhhh I think today is a Zesty day or a Starbuck day and get a puppy latte’

Have a wonderful Safe weekend see ya on Monday

Love ya Willy BABE

Doodle eyes   like to watch

Doodle eyes like to watch


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