Good Morning

Helloooo Hello just stopped by to say helloo Helloo.

Well I tried honestly I tried but, MOM is having a hard time uploading her pictures hmmmmmmmm Whinnnmph so I will just have to do it myself ! Mom has to do something with a program on the computer oooppps I am thinking she should wait until Dad gets home tonight to help OOOOOo or I think we need to talk with my human brother Bob yep he could help out MOM>

OOOo well sooo let me tell you that I have been having so much fun lately that oh soooo this is what happened yesterday, MOM is getting ready yesterday for the day OH Doodles OH Doodles we are walking early this morning but nOoooOOOOOoooooo she has her yoga stuff on so I just looked at mom with my big brown eyes REALLY MOM I’m here looking out the window watching for squirrels and you are going to YOGA???????

I Did I really gave her that “LOOK” but no it didn’t work she just gave me a hug said see ya in a HOUR A HOUR???

Mom do you realize what can happen in a hour? Well when MOM left I just stayed by the window hmmmmmmm OH Mr. Squirrel MOM is gone and I will not even woof if you want to go by that flower pot and and dig go ahead I promise I won’t ruff ruff. so Mr. Squirrel did and I didn’t even say a wooof.

Ha ha MOM that’s what happens when I want to walk and you go off and have some fun.

Woof Wooof so when MOM came home she saw the mess Mr. Squirrel left I just secretly smiled because I knew who did that Ha HA HA

But , today Mom says we are walking in just a little bit Doodles doodles Im so happy my tail will just wag and wag

So happy Happy Day to everyone

Love ya, Willy Babe

Time for our walk

Time for our walk


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