happy Tuesday


What a weekend I had I just can’t believe that a doodle can have so much fun in a few days ! !

Thats why I just love my summer days MOM came home on Friday oh Doodles I was so happy to see her I just didn’t let her out of my eye view oh Yes that is right where ever mom Went I was sure to follow ! Yep when MOM went left I went left she even did a circle in the backyard I think she was just seeing if I really missed her so she was doing all kinds of crazy stuff silly MOM

On Saturday we left in the afternoon for a trip oh gheez it was a different kind of trip to MOM took my overnight bag and she took some treats and some toys MOM seriously you know I don’t play with all the toys but MOM just wanted to make sure I would have fun GHEZZZZ a doodle did I have fun.

Dad was driving on all of these country roads I was like Hmmmmmm this is not the HIGHWAY but oh my it was a pretty drive then all of a sudden we pull up to a house by a lake and Who comes down the Stairs my Human cousin Kathryn she took me up the stairs to the backyard but Kathryn I have to wait for MOM ha ha ha then Whooosh mom let go of the leash and away I went OH my WATER

Yes I love water Mom asked Kathryn to hold my leash while she changed MOM seriously just jump in tHE WATER Mom did after she changed ahhh the water was fun but ooops MOM I have to GO so Out of the water I went and ahhhhh found a spot hee heee heee

I smelled lots of flowers and I went to a a few neighbors to say Hi oh sure MOM came and got me and do you know what???? She used her Teacher voice OH DOODLES I knew then I had to listen, but I said’ MOM there are all kinds of stuff too smell, So I finally relaxed and went too the area where my cousin David was sitting hmmmm what’s this???? OH MY OH MY it was a package of cigarettes and MOM says I can’t have any well of course I tried but didn’t succeed MOM just watches over me Blummmpppphhhh

Eventually I just laid down and collapsed but then you know what happens when food comes well, I tried I did but didn’t get anything gooooorrrrmmmph

At night we watched the fireworks MOM and Dad put my leash on just to make sure I would not get lost HUH???? oh well then we left Ahhhhhh What a wonderful time we had watching Fireworks, being with humans, it was great
On sunday I just rested.

OOOppps gotta get going MOM is going to upload some pictures from the weekend and she said she needs the computer.

Have a wonderful Dokodly Day

Love ya Willy BABE

Today is a resting day

Today is a resting day


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