Happy Wednesday

Oooo Doodles MOM says this has to be a short note she is headed off to YOGA early this morning WHAT??? What??? yes that is right I am second Doodle fiddle this morning I have to WATI WAIT for my walk, Yep can you believe that???? Me Mr. cutie pie doodle bug has to WAIT Where it the doodle justice in that??/ I tell ya ! gheeez

But yesterday was a lot of fun we went a walking on up the street never knowing who we are going to meet so what to my surprise I spy a little pup by the fence , so I looked and looked at MOM.
Mom what do you see Mom says Wilson I see what you see a cute little dog looking for a home ! So MOM stopped yea she does that sometimes to pet another pup ! and I do think we know this one sniff snifff sniif yep MOM he is okay. So mom (Luckily she had her sun glasses with the cheater lines on ) called and called no answer luckily there were two phone numbers onthe tag so mom called the other one

Whooosh that was good so we did our wonderful doodle deed of the day we waited for someone to come ahhhhhh the little guys name was JACK ah ha jack the pup that likes to go for walks all by himself oh doodles His owner was on vacation and the little boy that was suppose to watch him didn’t put him on his tie out oh oh ooh

Last night when we walked we didn’t resuce anyone This guy can only handle one rescue a day !

So now I have to wait and wait for MOM to come home so we can walk That is perfectly doodley okay with nme ! !

Have a whacky Wednesday And why not Its Wednesday whacky things should happen
Love ya Willy BABE

 Wednesday  gotta love it

Wednesday gotta love it


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