Good Morning

Oh brrrr only kidding well, it is a bit chilly outside not COLD COLD just chilly so MOM and I went outside to enjoy the sunshine just a bit later than normal oh DOODLES aHHHHHH

So now that mom is home Yea I finally got it MOM is home for the SUMMER that is why yesterday when I was ready to GO GO GO she looked at me and said “Willy BABE” I’ll be back and then we will go somewhere MOM I gave her those “EYES” BUt I am ready NOW NOPE that didn’t work can you believe that ???/ Well it is true Ilooked and looked at her but NOOOooOOOO so I just grummmp and whinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn onto my spot on the couch ahhhhhhh I just put my head on the pillow and rested It is tiring being a doodle.

But when MOM came home we played and I got my belly rubbed it was wonderfully doodlicious, So after dinner we went for a walk it started to drizzle a bit MOM doesn’t like walking in the rain what??? I go out in the rain IN fact I LOVE WHEN IT IS POURING outside so I can just stand on my deck and LOOK well I few rain drops aren’t that bad , so we started to walk back it stopped raining then we went down our street and We saw a neighbor hmmmmm sniff snifff ahhhh Chicken yep Mr. F was cooking chicken He laughed at me because he knew I’d start to lick his hand

ahhhhhh MOM is that okay well of course I asked her after I licked his hands ahhhhhh Love Summer Then MOM ‘s phone rang so we walked up to our house and sat on the porch, Mom was talking to Liz, then we started to walk again we went to a park, Mom stopped by a stop sign to say hi to a FRIEND ahhh what a night it was !

We sat outside last night I can get use to this summer ahhhh but I already am heee heeee heee i just crack my doodle self up

Well, time to get ready for our morning walk ahhhhhh Not to Hot Not to cold just right I sort of feel like I could make up a story about that hmmmm

I will test this out on my walk with mom this morning to see if she likes that idea

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Happy

Happy Happy


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