happy monday

Oh what a weekend it was soooo much fun so much that I just don’t know where to begin OH YES I DO hahah just thought I would tease you a bit.

Sooooo On Saturday MOM is outside watering the flowers Dad is cutting the grass but at 8:00am MOM says Karen is coming and so is Maisy oh my doodles I better keep an eye out for them but MOM when are they going to get here????? So I kept watch and watch nothing gruuumph

All of a sudden Mom says Wilson its gettting warm outside lets go in “But MOMMMMM they will be here soon” So i went in sometimes you just can’t argue with MOM she always wins

So I waited and plopped on the floor in the hallway ahhhh MOM was right it was cooler in the house so all of a sudden I popped up my Head looked at MOM “MOM ” No Wilson they are not here yet ” ” But, MOM < I think your wrong" OH MY Doodles MOM says "Wilson guess who is her" Seee I told you so ! MOM!

Mom put me outside,right by the gate I went. Karen is here so is Maisy MAISY Maisy come here girl mom yelled all of a sudden MOM opened up the fence gate Whooosh comes Maisy HEY what about me come say HI hahahahha
We chased and chased Ooooops karen I have to greet Karen HI HI HI now off to Maisy

We had fun all day long But….. Mom and Karen took off for Door County one of our favorite places to go But…… Maisy and I stayed behind it was too warm MOM says OH doodles
Gruuummmmph ! !

Then on Sunday we played again It was fun we chased each other ooooooOOOooo

Saturday night there was a horrible storm , we all had to go in the basement Well, Maisy and I stayed close by during the storm, yeah I am not sure why Dad didn't carry us down to the basement but all was well, gheeez we tried to go into MOM and DADS room early in the morning but the door was closed , and yesterday MOM and KAren were in the kitchen all day long, and the whole kitchen smelled of STRAWBerries. Yuuuuumyyy doodlelicious !

So today is Monday a day of relaxation for MOM and ME well, of course I know she has stuff to do but there is always doodle time

Have a wonderfully doodlicious DAY

Love ya Willy BABE Happy MONDAY


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