Good Happy Friday


My oh My oh MY its’ Friday ahhhh where oh where did this week, go ????/ My goodness it has been a very fluffy full week.

Mom and I have been busy and now today is STRAWBERRY DAY she says I can’t go because well they just don’t allow Doodles probably because we would wander through the Strawberry Fields and just eat as many strawberries as we can hmmmmm not so bad I think anyway.

But NOPE can’t go Last night MOM washed all kinds of strawberry jars and today hmmmmm sniff sniff snifff ahhh the smell of strawberries I LOVE LOVE LOVE its like Strawberries forever. YES I believe there is a song
So lets go to the Strawberry Field Strawberry Field Strawberry Field, Let’s go to the Strawberry Field and eat as many as we can ! I know my MOM will come home sweet smelling and I’ll just sniff snifff sniff away ahhhhh Strawberry Friday

OOo we gotta get those bunnies out of my yard I had to eat some grass very fast yesterday and Waaaa LA I felt better Mom and I took a late walk and it was great because I saw a few Friends Buster, and then when MOM and I crossed the Street who do we see just a walkin down the sidewalk it was MAISY MAY oh what a cutie she is Of course I said hi to her Humans and got my ear scratched ahhhh Love LOVE those evening walks OOO don’t get me wrong I like my Morning ones especially if its going to be muggy outside but oh Doodles nothing like seein a few friends.

So today MOM and I ate breakfast outside on the deck ahhhhh so of course I had to be on neighborhood watch this morning and All is WELL eve saw Mrs. G hang out her laundry hmmmmmm I think if my mom did that I’d be going through that clothes line ha ha ha

Hey my human sister Karen is coming and Maisy my cousin oh it will be fun oh yes it will be

My Friday summer day is going to be doodley great so have a delicious doodle day sniiiifffff strawberries I can’t wait

Love ya willy BABE

When are you going for those STRAWBERRIES MOM

When are you going for those STRAWBERRIES MOM


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