I hope you are having a wonderful doododly good morning GOOD Morning It is so far a confusing Thursday OH yes well let me tell you all about it so far, so far this Doodle Thursday Morning, MOM got up so early I just had to go upstairs to see what the Noodles is she doing up so early???

Well first off it was raining this morning so I thought thats why she is up we are going to walk in the Rain oh YES I love walking in those puddles then coming home with my fur all WET NOT ! OH NO I don’t sometimes I will just wait to let the rain stop Stop Rain but what I really like is thunder storms OH YEP they are my favorite !!

OOOOpppps there goes my noodles in my brain But MOM had to go somewhere at 6:20 am oh my so very early I waited and waited hmmmmmm I thought she was done with Work for a bit AHHHH Mom is there something your not telling me OH OK I’ll wait for my explanation. Grummmmph Hmmmmmmm

Thats it she had to get a health assessment done for work today Hmmmmm Okay but hurry back, so we can walk, THEN she tells me we have to wait until they deliver the Washer today WEll, Well, Well, I guess I am second doodle doodle this morning Hummmph

I can handle it besides I would rather wait until that rain stops

So now as we are sitting at home waiting for the delivery guy the Men in the big trucks came and took away some sticks so that was interesting to watch, OOOooOOOO last night MOM said we will go for a short walk and we DID I almost wanted to feel mom’s head well when ever she says short walk it is always 3 or more but last night just 2 ahhhhhhhhhhh
In the morning we went a long a very far walk but now we have to wait for those delivery guys Come on Guys Come on we have doodle things to do today I have to start looking for a bow tie to wear for Jack’s wedding and MOM told me that my human sister is coming and Maisy I have lots and lots to do

OOOO Neighbors sorry I could not be on backyard watch this morning too wet outside

Have a wonderful Thursday

Love ya Willy BABE

Mom seriously upload new pictures

Mom seriously upload new pictures


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