Goooood Morning

OH MY OH MY Summer is most defintely here oh yeah OH YEAH

And How do I know this well, MOM and DAD took a vacation right away they went to PHILLY to See Jack, Liz, Yasmin, and Reef Yes they did see my MOM surprised me a lot she was also sneaky about getting ready for this trip because SHE KNEW if I saw her bring up a suitcase Hmmmmmm Where are we going but I showed MOM
when she dropped me off at my VACAY spot I just went inside and didn’t even give mom a SMILE> well…… she of course gave me a hug good bye .

So away MOM and DAD went to visit and have a fantastic time ! and ME well I had a great time too AND mom REALLY reALLY SURPRISED ME A alot WHEN SHE PICKED ME UP AND wHISKED ME AWAY TO THE gROOMER, oh Doodles MOM is here MOM MOM MOM I missed you a doodle bunch how about that So when I saw MOM I jumped up onto her shoulders and gave her a HUG

Then MOM drove me to Beth’s hmmmmmm what’s up with this whenever MOM normally gets me I get groomed at my VACAY spot, so when she dropped me off at Beth’s I didn’t want MOM to go NO I didn’t gheeez MOM I just saw you now NOW I have to get Groomed, but have no Fear after I got all cleaned up and my summer cut Mom and I went to get my Puppy Latte’ at Starbucks Seeee that is how I know it’s Summer Summ Summmer Time summer the good old Doodle summer time!

But On Saturday MOM packed up a small bag OOOO Goodle Doodle we are going somewhere I was waiting by the door waiting MOM I’m ready to Go Let’s go Let’s Go But Grummmmph Hummmph I didn’t get to go NO I had to stay whinn whimmmmmmm Whimmmmm why Why I like being with DAD but MOM I haven’t really had my Doodle time with you.
So when MOM came home oh Doodles I didn’t let her out of my Sight IN fact ON Monday Morning the one day I knew it was summer I woofed Woof Woof at her door oh sure DAD was up but I just had to make sure MY MOM was still here and SHE WAS !! !!
I have been following MOM all over the place just to make sure I knew for Doodleness it was Summer Summmer Summer Time Time

And It is Ice Cream walks in the morning Snuggles in the afternoon Car Rides Walks being with my MOM Summer Summer summer time is here !

OOOo i love the summer I love the summer time so much to do So much to do I always make sure we have lots to do

In fact we have to go walking in a few minutes so have an awesome Summer Day

Love ya
Willy BABE

Mom we need some new pictures    HA HA HA

Mom we need some new pictures HA HA HA


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