I am backkkk Yep I know I know I have been missed but what to my surprise when MOM got me yesterday she whisked me off to the Groomer What the Doodles,

I gave her a giant HI when I got picked up I went right up to her shoulders to say hi oh doodles she took one Whiifff and Whooosh away I went, oh thats OKAY I was surprised anyway because I alawys know when I am going to get picked up I get groomed yes I feel so much better now and I smellll Doodle Fresh !

Ahhhhhh I have my summer cut and I got a cute new scarf to wear I am spiffy Doodle Looking yes I am

I was on vacation while MOM and Dad went to Visit Jack they had fun but I bet not as much fun as I had!

See this is what we do at night we talk all night long as soon as all of our care takers leave there were these two German Shepards That started it all, come on pups I would say I need my doodle sleep but NOOOoooOOO these two started to talk then it would start someone else OH Ghees it was like a party

OH yea thats Right I like parties so it was all goood ! ! ! ! Then all of a sudden the littlest one started to Yelp YELP she was tired so we all had to sleep !! Some pups just like to sleep but us Big Guys we like to P A R T Y !!!!

OOOO Mom also took me to get my Puppy Latte’ so it is Summer Officially when we get that Puppy Latte’ ahhh it tasted soooooo Good !

Today we get some flowers and plant in the pots and mom has to do something else she tried to explain to me but I didn’t get it OH sure my ears are clean but what the doodles MOM we have all day ! ! !

I must get moving along those bunnies were having a field day in my backyard while I was gone and last night when we were outside two of them came in my yard while I was just sitting and hanging on the deck with mom really????? Oh Man bunny alert for me today

Have a wonderful FRIDAY

Love ya willy BABE




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