Good Morning

Ahhhhh I knew it I told you Summer vacation has started for my MOM I just KNEW it I felt it when MOM woke up a bit later than usual today and She had that no school grin on her face. AHHHHHhhh MOM see I didn’t wake you up either I let you sleep, but as soon as she came down I got off the couch and gave her my Tail Waggin MOrning HI See MOM I let you sleep in ahahahahah I was so doodley tempeted to knock on the door But Dad said “WISON!”

Gheez a doodle I listened to DAD

Last night I thought it was another perfect evening for a Ice Cream treat Mom had other ideas like weeding her garden Seriously MOM?????

You have got to be kidding me we can walk to Zestys I could probaly get two treats in my Ice Cream Cup, but grummmph MOM was serious about pulling weeds, so I helped well of course, I brought over my tennis ball and mom Stopped Right away to play with me, ahahaha MOM

Today she said we will just hang out get things done and go for a walk maybe even head to the park, OH DOODLES I would like that A LOT !!!

I have to be on my best Doodle behavior today too oh Don’t you worry I will because there is always that treat waiting for me !

Have an Awesome first day of Summer !

Love ya Willy BABE

Soccer time ! ! !

Soccer time ! ! !


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