Good Mornin

This is IT ! !! The final last day of school ! ! ! I can feel the excitement MOM is so ready SHE is smiling This is IT the day I have been waiting for THIS IS IT! ! ! ! !

I have MOM now for entire 2 1/2 months oh doodles I am so excited I can’t HIDE IT In fact when MOM and I went outside this morning I took my favorite blue squeeky ball with me but before we played I just laid down and got my Belly Rub and it was a different kind of rub because

This IS IT the final Last Day of School ! ! ! That means TOMORROW MOM and I start our Summer Adventures oh yes we do ! ! !

This is it oh doodles I am even giving mom my Extra special smiles well, actually I was hopeful for a treat this morning But oh Doodles thats okay
Mom said maybe later gruuumph with a smile

So I got 2 belly rubs 3 Giant Hugs and Mom Saying Wilson your the best !

MMMmmmmmmm okay so if I am the best what will we do tonight ?????

This morning I waited upstairs for my MOM oh sure Dad got up first and I usually go downstairs with him, but I could feel that something is different this morning I knew MOM would be up just a little bit early I just New that Summer vacation is here and oh Doodles My tail is just a wagging !!

Ahhhhhhhhh dreaming of summer fun, and relaxing

OOOooOOO before I forget last night when MOM got home from work and we went outside snifff snifff hummmmmm snifff snifff OH there you are the bunnies well MAMAM bunny went one way so I gallopped towards MOM bunny then all of a sudden the baby bunny went into Julias yard oh doodles I did my Job a Job well done I would say.

Well gotta get going

Have a wonderful Day everyone

Love ya Willy BABE

Maisy are summer adventures are just beginning !

Maisy are summer adventures are just beginning !


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