Good Morning


Well, because it was raining off and on all day yesterday and when mom got home she wasn’t sure what those silly clouds would do

Mom took me to my favorite store so I could pick out a birthday present oh doodles so many choices to make I settled on a squeeky toy, I think MOM wanted me to get this brown stuff toy that I could lay on and chew up ummmmm I told MOM no thanks So I got a Kong squeeky toy and some treats then OH DOODLES at the cash register MOM doodly embarassed me but HECK it was my birthday MOM told the lady it was my BIRTHDAY and also a Little girl went by me and petted me I smiled,

But anyway I got an extra treat then We went to ZESTYS and MOM again said It’s Wilson’s Birthday and I GOT TWO TWO Doggie treats in my ice cream cup

OOOOoooOOO it was a very Happy birthday TO ME !! ! !

MOM also says she just has a today as a full day of school then tomorrow a half a day and then SHE IS ALL MINE ! ! !

I can see that extra Smile on her face but she told me she would miss two of her little ones , hmmmmmm MOM< It's okay I'll make you smile alll SUMMER LONG !

So have a wonderful Totally Tuesday

Love ya willy BabeStarting tomorrow afternoon  summer starts for ME


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