Hellooooo Monday

Today Today It’s My Birthday and I’ll Woof if I want Woof Woof If I want I am 8 years young today Today TODAY ! ! !

So come along and sing me a song Happy Doodle Birthday to ME happy Doodle Birthday to ME Happy Happy Birthday to MEEEeeeeeeEEEE

Happy Birthday to me !!

Oh my doodles I was just realaxing on my spot on the couch MOM came down gave me a big HUGE HUG and SAID “Happy Birthday Willy BABE ”

Awwww MOM thank you, so do WE “GO TO ZESTYS today”

We sure do tonight TONIGHT I get me Zestys PUP CONE so Come on COME all and See me At ZESTYS sure hope it won’t rain Well OF course it won’t Rain on my DAY !

Mom went to Chicago Saturday and it was just me and my Dad hanging out Dad took me for a walk it was cool just hanging with my dad, but Sunday MOM came home and I was outside all of a sudden she APPEARS by the deck doors well, I started to do a tap dance with my 2 front paws and dance dance my tail started to wind up and I wanted to jump (but I know Im not suppose to) MOM let me in and WaaaaLA away I started to go in circles and circles I got hugs and kisses ahhhhh it was doodleyfun.

They had to go somewhere but when they came back MOM and I played she fed me then all of a sudden the wind started blowing those huge Branches from our trees Booooom When some thunder Whooosh fell some branches oh myDoodles MOM MOM????? ‘it’s okay willy BABE just a storm”
well I know ! ! ! ! But DAD is at Soccer will he be okay Yes he Will.

So we watched the storm and Of course I wanted to go outside but MOM would NOT Let me huH?????? I think she was thinking I’d get wet in the Rain,

That was the Doodle point of me wanting to go outside oh Doodles we did walk after the storm and so many branches down oh my oh my

But on MY Birthday Nothing but Sunshine in my backyard today Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine is all I want well expect for that Ice CREAM

ha ha

Love ya Willy BABE 2 1/2 days left for MOM MOM MO

This was when I was a real youngn

This was when I was a real youngn


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