Good morning

This is it This is it I can hardly belive oh my Doodles this is the FabulousFriday I have been waiting For FRIDAY MOM is wearing shorts to work today she says that it is Field day and she gets to have some fun all afternoon long OH BOY OH BOY sure Wish I could have fun onField Day too !!!

But No more Work on Thursdays for my MOM orFRIDAY yipppppeeee Doodle DooodleS

Also last night when we were walking well, I did my “Thing” only 4 houses away so MOM and I walked back and Deposited my Stuff, then we walked down our street just like that We started to walk saw some guy walking a big HUGE Dog instead of left we went RIGHT oh BOY this is our summer walk MOM is getting ready for our morning summer walks YEIPPPEEE I can feel it in my Tail waggin waggin away , so as we were walking and stopping to smell those trees YEA don’t forget to stop and Smell the Trees

All of a sudden a pup came running with a human but she said it had followed her for a while so mom and I let the pup walk with us then I had to sniff again, so the pup came by us MOM petted the pup I was okay with that because it was friendly and the Pups names was DAISY !! !

Mom tried to call the number but of course MOM didn’t have her glasses on so….. but Luckly a guy in a car stopped by helped MOM and he had a LEASH so he read the numbers to MOM she called and Waaaaala we found out where Daisy lived and she is not too far from me

Last night we rescued a PUP

All is good in the neighborhood Wilson the Pup locator is on the Lookout

OOOO don’t forget my Birthday is next week I will be 8 years Young

Love ya Willy BABE

Can I get  Yahhoooo for Friday and summer Vacation is almost here

Can I get Yahhoooo for Friday and summer Vacation is almost here


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