Good Morning Good Morning it is a Whacky Wedensday Wonderful Wonderful Wednesday oh yes it is !!

Why Whacky well what would a wonderful day be without a little whackiness hahahahah

So back with my great weekend MOM and DAD Bob and Jane didn’t take me to this rib fest Really???/ I am sure I would of done great with some ribs, listening to some music walking around but NOOOoooOOO It was muggy out and the clouds looked like a storm MOM said and besides Mom thought I would of taken some ribs off of her plate !!

Well of course I would isn’t it all about Sharing ???!?!?! HUH come on I know Mom would of shared well maybe not Once you steal a hot dog off of someones plate those human never ever forget GRUUUMMMPH ! !

But MOm and dad came back to Bob’s place and we played in the backyard a bit Mom and Dad left and I got snuggles from Bob and Jane I did my really doodly best to behave and I DID ! ! !

I am a big gentle giant of a pup ! ! ! ! I even woke Bob up in the morning to get me outside huh come one get up I told him !

Anyway Mom and I didn’t walk yesterday it started to rain a bit But today I am so hopeful that we will be walking .

OH doodles where does the time go I know I know This IS JUNE and you know what that means MOM is almost home I can tell because she tells me everyday , oh my mom she is a silly one We have a lot to do this summer I can’t w ait I know ZESTYS is in my future

OOOpppps gotta get doodling along

have an Awesome Whacky Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE

Are you ready for Soccer Season??

Are you ready for Soccer Season??


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