Happy Happpy Finally FRIDAY


And to doodle top things off this is MOM”S LAST OH LAST LAST FRIDAY at School, hmmmmm I don’t see mom shedding a tear but she said she will feel sad on the 8th YEA and MOM also told me that she not only has SATURDAY OFF and SUNDAY but MONDAY tooo OH YES what to do what to do ???

I am sure I can think of something to do with my MOM and DAD it is always so easy to do all you have to do is think it think it like ice cream I am sure that can be in my future for a treat MOM just loves to walk and do all kinds of doodley things on long weekends.

OOOO yesterday it was pretty humid out we went for a walk but not until later in the night and I was panting I could tell my MOM wanted to go just a little bit further but MOM see this TONGUE hanging lets just go home okay SO we went oh my MOM I am pretty sure I have her wrapped around my furry paw

Well why would I not come on Have you really seen the cutness of a doodle lately well we Love to walk and Play and of course most important of all we love to just get our bellys rubbed bellys rubbed we love to get our bellys rubbed all day long OH Yes we also like to make sure our humans dads our home, last night mom and I were enjoying the deck me on the grass, all of a sudden brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr brrrrr it was the lawn mower dad was home from reffing so I just watched him as he came by the gate ahhhhhh then of course it ws getting a bit dark so mom and I went in and Waaaaa LA there was DAD so I made sure he did a good job I just watched from the front window.

Weekends Weekens are so much fun so much Fun SO MUCH FUN weekends WEEKENDS are so MUCH fun I just want to play ! !

Mom said I get to go somewhere soon she didn’t tell me where but she always spills those noodles hahaha

Have a Fantastic FABULOUS FRIDAY
Love ye Willy BABE

I see Zestys in my Summer time future

I see Zestys in my Summer time future


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