Good Morning

Oh My Doodles Oh My Doodles MOm has 10 more days left of School Oh mY doodles oh My Doodles 10 more days and the fun begins,

So my mOm will be off OFF for the SSUMMER time OH MY OH MY 10 more days and MY MOM will be home What shall we doooo What shall we dooo every day of summer Summer time Maybe walks, maybe swimming Maybe just Lounging around ! !

So On the 10th last day of school my MOM said to me Wilson Let’s go for a walk tonight if it doesn’t rain

OH My I just can’t believe that my lovely summer time will be coming and we have so much to do !!

So I have just been so busy but this morning I can just relax and get ready for the weekend MOM and I have been walking at night and we have been RELAXING but, MOM said I can’t just go and sniff the flowers she has in the garden “AND WHY NOT I ASK” MOm says they are to just take in the beauty MOM ????

REally come no YOU know I just have to check them out and make sure that well that they are growing HA HA HAAHAHAH

Hey MOM also said I have to shop for a tuxedo hmmmmmmmm Maybe just a top hat and bow tie I am thinking we will see, SOOOoooo I hear that this coming weekend I have a surprise hmmmmmmmmm can’t wait to see what it will be .

Have a wonderful I hope not to whacky of a Wednsday

Love ya Willy BABE




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