Fluffy Friday

Oh OH OH what a Happy Happy Friday it will be It will be oh yes FRIDAY oh yes !

So the other night actually on Wednesday MOM and i were walking and walking then we spotted a real cutie of a doodle OH YES we know this Doodle it Was Evie the doodle and the human that was walking it well she was a teacher that taught my humans yea it was so much she even had a treat which of course I sniffed out of her pocket but she said I sassy doodle well I did try to hurry up and get the treat I forgot my Doodle manners I know I know I have to be GENTLE !!

So I did after three tries ha ha

Yesterday MOM and I took a long lonnnnng walk I loved it yes I did so many humans out with us it was like a Doodle parade not a lot of doodles all other kinds of pups thats okay

But when we got home Mocha was outside and my bestest girl Julia she is my bestest because we sneak little nose rubs between the fence, last night Julia just left her stuff animal close enough that I was able to reach it YEP I did well, MOM and Mrs. F were talking and I sure didn’t think that MOM saw oh MOM had these sharp looking eyes when it comes to me ! So I grabbed it I think mom thought is was a bunny Fooled ya MOM so MOM threw back into Julias yard oh gheez MOM your not any fun I wasn’t going to tear it apart just play with it for a bit.

Mom is going to ask Mr. G to cut a little opening so Mocha an I can rub noses ahhhhh

OOOOPppps time does go fast have a wonderful day and SMILE SMILE SMILE ITS FRIDAY ! !

Yipppppeeee Doodley Dooo Lets go fly a kite uh????? OH never mind Its my noodles rolling around in my brain

Love ya Willy BABE

Friday  the sun is shinning a perfect Doodle Day

Friday the sun is shinning a perfect Doodle Day


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