Happy Tuesday

Well hellooooooooooo everyone I sure did enjoy that sunshine yesterday I would of enjoyed it just a bit more if I got to spend more time outdoors yesterday I know I know that MOM and DAD work but come one really can’t I just stay outside a little longer after I eat or at night when I go out for the last time,

MOM was like “WILSON” “WILSON” where are you MOM Seriously I am looking for that bunny that keeps leaving me tiny morsels in the backyard, oh my doodles I hit the Doodle Jackpot this morning Yes I did MOM let me outside hmmmmm MOM had me sit first which is fine but not this morning I wanted to get moving along especially after I say a BUNNY and A Squirrel in my back yard oh my DOODLES ! !

So Mom carefully opened up the door and WaaaaLA away I went to capture that bunny or at least try nothing like a little gallop in the morning I always say, and that squirrel which I think was Rocky ran across the fence so very fast oh my I just laughed ah ha ha someday I’ll get you guys but I just felt like a little run this mornig !!

Have a wonderful sun filled day today oh am so Ready for that sunshine ahhhhhhh I see laying on the deck in the next few days ahhhhhh

Love ay
Willy BABE

The warm weather is coming

The warm weather is coming


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