Happy Monday

OH MY OH MY MY MOM just told me that she only has 3 Mondays left of tHE SCHOOL YEAR

OH YES time for the DOODLE DANCE put your two paws forward and stomp stomp stomp then turn around and bump bump bump your doodle butty

HA HA HA OH my I am in such a wonderful mood because not only is MOM”S time for school running out tHAT means MORE ME AND MOM time oh oh oh
I love Me and MOM time OH OH OH its so much fun fun fun when MY MOM Is around

I did have fun when my Human brother was here but sad when he left whinnnn whinnnnnnnn

Now mom tells me oh my doodles she is just so full of surprises I am going on a trip with them oh YES ! ! ! !

not sure when but I know it will be fun

OOOO lately I have been after MOM to give me a one of my bones oh sure I know I can’t have the whole one I get a belly aches OOOOO but yesterday we went shopping and I got my favorite time YUMMMMY So after we got back MOM and I went outside she gave me the bone and ahhhhhhh I was just a Doodle gone to doodley pleasure I sure did look up occasionaly and gave MY MOM a huge SMILE thanks MOM then DAD came out and I was LIKE LOOK DAD Look what I have ahhhhhhh

Mom and I took a nice long walk yesterday night it was soo sooo sooo fun ! !

But today is MONDAY and well Mondays are for me to get ready for Monday night when MOM gets home ahhhhhh

I love my Doodle LIFE
have a wonderful day

Love ya Willy BABE

Gotta Love MONDAYS

Gotta Love MONDAYS


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