Happy Friday

Oh my doodles it is ever a very happy Fluffy Tail waggin kind of a day, actually yesterday was too because ….
yesterday was Thursday, well good things happen all the time but this Thursday, …… Okay I know your doodleing thinking??

Wilson come on what happened yesterday ??/ Okay give up heee heee I didn’t even give you a hint well, if MOM didn’t have so much to do yesterday morning I would of given you a hint on Thursday well here it goes MY Human Brother Jack came home yipppeee doodley doodle at first this car pulls up in the drive way then backs out hmmmmmmm woof ruff ruff who is that then this guy comes walking up my driveway onto my porch gruff ruff ruff my tail starts to wag just a little then a LOT wagg wagg Waggining the tail OH MY OH MY>

It was Jack oh my doodles I was happy I jumped up went in circles and got my head scratched on yes it was so much fun to have my Human come home doodles Doodles Doodles. Mom did tell me that I was going to have surprise oh YES it was sooo good to see my human brother, I didn’t let him out of my sight at all!!!!

Jack wanted to go outside so we went but,, hmmmmmm its almost time for MOM to be home Jack I need to go inside Jack are you LISTENING MOM will be home soon and I have to look for her JACK JACK come one I love greeting mom ! ! So I waited and WAITED for MOM finally she arrives Yeah Jack she’s home come take a look ! Ahhhhh Jack gave MOM a big hug then MOM wanted a hug from me well Doodles we were all just hugging away !

Mom and Jack sat outside and waited for DAD to come home then we grilled some steaks and you would think I would get just a tiny piece of Steak BUT NOOOooOOOo
not at all, OH doodles that is okay, I was just so happy to have one of my human family members home Karen last weekend now Jack next Bob oh Doodles

Now Mom told me some sad news yesterday My Cousin David’s pup Marley went over to the rainbow bride I only saw Marley a couple of times She liked me of course, I am so sorry Cousin Dave if you ever need a doodle hug I am here for you.

Have a great day everyone
And Keep your fluffy tails waggin away OOOoooo I think MOM only has 17 days left but who is counting This big GUY IS thats WHO

Love ya Willy BABE

I will be smelling the beautiful spring weather all day long

I will be smelling the beautiful spring weather all day long


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