Good Morning

Well Hellooooo I now its been awhile but I am back and I am just a waggin my tail like it has never been waggin before.

My Mom had to travel the past few days to Chicago to be with her dad he is doing fine which I am glad for I like waggin my tail by my human grandpa and then ploppin on down no the sofa heee heeee

But I tell you on Saturday guess who came to visit me My Human sister Karen and MY cousin Maisy girl oh my oh my what a wonderful day Saturday was we played and played I ran into say hi to Karen then waaala my MOM appeared for a bit yea yeah mom is home I was really happy to see her oh sure DAD did a great job taking care of me but, MOM well she is constantly doing something that I can keep my eye on her ahhhhhh

The life of a doodle is perfect ! ! ! !

Now MOM tells me that my human brother Jack is coming home for a bit oh doodles it’s so much fun to have my humans around all the time but, when I get special visits ahhhhhhh Nothing better !!!

Mom and I took a walk a long walk last night oh sure DAD gave me a short walk last week, but MOM lets me sniff snifff sniffff just a little more than Dad does hahahahahah

Oh doodles oh yes my new Neighbor Blue he is a nice guy Maisy Girl liked sniffing by the fence to meet him too ahhhh Maisy Maisy I think he would give her a run for her Money.

Have a wonderful Tuesday it looks a little gloomy but don’t doodle worry that Mr. SUn shine will be coming out soon

Love ya Willy BABE

Just waiting for Jack

Just waiting for Jack


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