Happy Happy Monday

OH MY Doodles it is a very Happy Monday Morning I am feeling so much better but I sure did like that boiled Turkey and rice in fact MOM gave me some more this Morning yeippppppeeeee doodley doooo

The sun is shinning and Mr. Bunny rabbit was in my backyard this morning just taunting me YES HE DID

Well I went outside and MOM told me Mr. Bunny was there I just loooked and looked at him and can you believe that he didn’t move?? I woof woofed and him but of course I was wagging my tail I even went closer and closer nothing what the DOODLES???? hmmmmm so then MOM said Wilson NO Rufing okay mom Here I go I started to run and run towards Mr. Bunny and away he went OH MY DOODLES he was fast ahghhhh to feel beter

SO now for the BIG news event in my DOODLE life my HUMAN Brother Jack asked Liz to get married not sure what that all meaNS BUT mOM SAID i HAVE TO GET A TIE hmmmmmmmmm

So now I am getting two little humans to be a part of my doodle life ahhhhhh they sure were fun at Christmas Time ! !

So now also my new humans in my life are Liz, Reef, and Jasmine yea can’t wait to see you all again My tail keeps wagging all the time

Love ya
Willy BABE

I like these humans

I like these humans


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