Good Morning

See I kept my paws crossed and sent a little thought up to the sky and said PLEASE PLEASE we need some sunshine sunshine and Guess WHAT???

I woke up and there it is this big HUGE yellow thing in the sky ahhhhhhh

Makes me just want to lay on my deck all day long and just soak in those rays ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

OH my doodles where does the time go well I’ll tell you I do have a busy morning I wake up and get my humans going then I have to rest go outside check out what is happening in the backyards oh my lots to do on a sunny morning

OOOOoooOOo before I forget I have a new pup next door to me yeah and its’ not a girl pup either so I am just hopeful the other “girls” will not dump me for this Black LAB oh doodles I do have a few things going for me I am CUTE I have a fluffy TAIL and MY SMILE well MY SMILE is a wonderful doodle SMILE

ooo the new kid on the block’s name BLUE

Have a Wonderful Whacky Wednesday

love ya Willy BABE

See Ladies I do have a marvelous SMILE

See Ladies I do have a marvelous SMILE


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