Goood Day

Hellooooo Hello I must say Hello it has been a wonderful day so far ! !

Hellooo Helloooo what can I say my tail is waggin I have a smile on face so Hellooooo Helloooo I have so much doodleness in me that I think I can just wag my tail all day Oh Yes Wag Wag my tail all day log ahhhhhhhh Not too many bunnies in my yard right now that is BECAUSE I can run run run all around the yard, and MOM is very happy that I can do that too!

So since I was all rested up I doodley was sure when MOM came home from Yoga that we would go for a walk, What is the big deal that It was windy and an a bit chilly, hmmmmmmm Mom” we have waLKED IN VERY COLD WEATHER AND WITH SNOW ON THE GROUND” I of course reminded her but, do you think we walked NOPE NOPE and NOPE Grummmph grummmmph

But, have no fear my MOM always has ideas so she says want to play outside with the soccer ball, OOOOooooOO Doodles do I ! You don’t have to ask this fluffy guy twice not even three times HA HA

So mom got on her winter coat yeah it was cold I took, my blue squeeky ball outside and Ran and ran mom threw my ball, and what” who was jumping up on the fence well, it was MOCHA HI HI HI want to PLAY PLay nah “Sorry I just want MOM time” so Mocha went inside besides the backyard by the fence is mucky,

Mom and I played and played I ran it was fun, ad guess what ??

last night I took my ball and Dad and I played I even brought it back to DAD HA HA HA H for MOM I don’t do that at all

Mom said tonight we will walk !

Must get going along singing a song all doodle long and YOU KNOW what I do think Mr. SUNSHINE will come out later on today paws crossed

Love ya
Willy BABE

Whatcha say we give me a treat??

Whatcha say we give me a treat??


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