Happy Monday

Oh My doodles is it Monday already well I just think we should have just onnnneee More day to relax Huh HUH

So you know that I just LOVE surprises and boy oh DOODLES boy did I get one ON FRIDAY night , Mom did tell me thaT MY HUMAN SISTER kAREN WAS COMING FOR A visit so I was all geared up because I know when Karen comes so does my cousin !

Okay Okay I was waGGIN MY TAIl and waggin waggin so happy to See Karen I gave her my doodle wags then as My MOM knows and everyone else I go running to the deck door to be let out because I know my cousin will be wating for me and we will run and run and run but wait Hummmmmmm Maisy??? Maisy???

So I run back i MOM??? Karen Karen where is my cousin???? Okay she must be hiding but first I need to welcome Karen back HOME so I jumped up to her then run out the deck door MAISY?? Maisy oh know are you hiding???? Maisy huh????!! I go back inside Karen???? Karen where oh where is MY maisy girl OH where oh where can she be I know she comes with each visit but this time NO NO NO Maisy

So I just do what a doodle without a cousin would do SNuggle with my karen hee heee I sure got more head scratches without my cousin around then of all things Mom and Karen go out to dinner/???

MOM seriously Karen just got here well, hummmmph I even gave them my saddest eyes ever! ! but they went anyway!
On Saturday they took me to my vacation spot and guess what ??/// Okay I’ll tell you there were 5 other doodles there so we just had ourselves a doodle party and we formed a huge doodle bond called the Doodles

OOppps gotta get moving along Mom promised that next Maisy will come whoooosh a doodle that is great !!

So today on Monday I am just going to dream about my new doodle friends and seeing my family in the few weeks, ahhhhhhhh

Love ya
Willy BABE

No Maisy this weekend  whinnnn whinnnn

No Maisy this weekend
whinnnn whinnnn


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